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Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts for Your Big Day!

Optimize your wedding day experience with these essential tips, ensuring your celebration is not just memorable but truly reflects you.

If you're currently in the exciting whirlwind of planning your wedding, we're here to help. There are a wedding planning Do's and Don'ts you should consider that can significantly enhance your special day. Let's jump right in:

Wedding Planing DOS:

Choose a 'Getting Ready' Location with Plenty of Windows

One critical element often overlooked in wedding preparations is the significance of your 'getting ready' location. When selecting your prep space, seek out a room with ample natural light. Why? Large windows with generous daylight make all the difference in capturing those pre-wedding moments.

Natural Light in Photography
Windows and Space at Getting Ready

These perfectly-lit images can add an extra dash of magic to your wedding day memories.

Wedding Planing DON'TS: Invest in a Traditional Guest Book

While a guest book might seem like a staple, many end up on a shelf collecting dust after the wedding. In our experience, we've seen that, often, the guest book remains unfilled or barely used. Instead, consider engaging, contemporary alternatives that your guests will enjoy participating in, and you'll love revisiting.

For instance, wooden hearts have become a popular choice. Guests can inscribe their well wishes on these hearts, which are then placed in a beautiful container. Not only does this provide an enduring memento of your big day, but it also adds an interactive element to your wedding that guests will appreciate.

Planning your wedding is an exhilarating journey, filled with decisions that shape your day's look and feel. By bearing these simple yet effective do's and don'ts in mind, you can ensure a celebration that's not just memorable, but truly reflective of you.


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