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Meet Kate, our Talented Wedding Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist.

The Maestro Behind Our Beauty Department

Make Up Artist taking professioal photo with orange backgraoung, great short hair style and candid make up
Wedding Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Every bride deserves to shine on her big day, and it takes a skilled wedding make up Artist to bring out that radiant beauty. Kate isn't just any makeup artist; she's the force that brings our beauty department to life. Even if you have a grand wedding party of 36, we're equipped to make every individual shine, thanks to Kate's signature natural glow looks and intricate updos.

In 2013, Kate set her professional foundation by attending the revered MOSMAKE makeup school. There, she was honored with the prestigious International Make-Up Association Diploma (IMA). The gravity of this accomplishment is underlined by the fact that only 14 schools worldwide are accredited to bestow this diploma. Under the tutelage of the talented Natalia Vlasova, whose work has graced the brands like Dior, Shu Uemura, Smashbox, Shiseido, Makeupforever, and Clarins, Kate honed her skills to perfection.

2014 marked a significant milestone in Kate’s career.

Wedding Make Up artist make make up for bride
Bride's Make Up

She graduated as the top student from the ICONFACE makeup school, which focuses on the unique and prestigious evaluation art known globally as FACECHART. This accomplishment propelled Kate to an entirely new level in the makeup domain. Even today, she continues to hone her FACECHART techniques, blending modern trends with her foundational skills.

Kate’s portfolio since 2013 boasts of an array of specializations and master classes, including:

  • "Photo Makeup"

  • "Transformed By Makeup"

  • "Latest Trends"

  • "Makeup Forever"

  • "Curls"

  • "Commercial Smoky Eyes"

  • "Creative Makeup"

  • "Color Мakeup"

  • "Facechart Designer"

Kate's prowess doesn't stop at learning; she has showcased her expertise by winning numerous prestigious competitions:

  1. Facecharts Competition: A contest that gauges the artist's ability to envision and illustrate makeup designs on paper, demonstrating both creativity and precision.

  2. INGLOT MUA AWARDS: Recognized globally, this competition pits the crème de la crème of makeup artists against each other. Winning the first place is a testament to Kate’s unparalleled skills.

  3. Best Video Makeup Nomination: This award recognizes makeup artists who excel in the art of makeup for video, ensuring the makeup looks flawless on camera, regardless of lighting or angle.

Kate’s extensive work with TV shows and music videos has not only honed her expertise but also enabled her to infuse the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world into the intimate beauty of wedding day make-up and hair.

Several magazines highlighted make up on women models

While Kate leads a team of proficient makeup artists and hair stylists, what sets her apart is her commitment to brides. No matter the size of the wedding party, every bride is guaranteed Kate's undivided, personal attention.

If you’re on the lookout for an accomplished wedding make up artist, look no further. Get in touch with us at, and let us bring your bridal vision to life. We promise – with Kate, you're in the hands of the best!


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