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One: Jonathan Club

Opening our chart, one of the many great photos taken at Jonathan Club. Having worked in LA for a while, we were very surprised and impressed by that venue. 

Extremely fancy, with numerous photo opportunities.

Two: Contemporary

Young, sexy, and modern, this photo brims with feelings and offers a very contemporary vision. To emphasize emotions and freedom, we made it black and white.

Wedding Photographer San Marino, CA
Wedding Photographer Pasadena

Three: Fancy Summer

The main photo you actually see on the main page, so we added one from the same set to avoid repetition. This photo deserves to be in our chart because of the freedom and unique ideas it embodies. We always suggest being creative and not being afraid to use any opportunity to express yourself!

Four: Like a Movie

Did you know that our whole company operates like a movie studio? Perhaps that's why our photos often look like scenes from movies. A vintage car, two points of light, and two loving souls - and a masterpiece is born.

Wedding andVintage Car
Wedding Church

Five: Church

When the ceremony is held at a church, it often has challenging lighting and, to put it bluntly, not the best colors for photography. So we're always excited when the church has some vibrant details that we can combine with the newly-formed family.

Six: Reflection

Mirrors are often a big deal in art, offering numerous opportunities to create interesting angles, tell a story in a unique way, and of course, they're always visually appealing. Hard to believe, but this is a hotel lobby, and many distracting colors and elements were easily toned down by rendering this photo in black and white.

Arabic Wedding Los Angeles
Indian Wedding Los Angeles

Seven: Hot Snow

I know it's actually rare to see any reception photos except for venue sneak peeks or perhaps first dance highlights on most websites (check for yourself and you'll be surprised). However, we believe this photo deserves a spot in our chart. It's cultured, filled with flowers, sparkles, fun, and of course, snow! Make your celebration unique and unforgettable.

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