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Celebration Secrets: Elevate Your Wedding Reception with These Tips

There are several pieces of advice on how to make your reception absolutely stand out, and we're going to start with the grand entrance.

A lot of couples underrate the grand entrance. The grand entrance is one of the most dynamic and attention-grabbing moments of the entire night. So, make it special and fun without overcomplicating it.

First Dance

Regarding the first dance, there are three key pointers. Firstly, we recommend doing the first dance right after the grand entrance when the energy is high and all attention is on you. Secondly, it's beneficial to separate the parents' dances (mother-son and father-daughter) from the first dance. This strategy allows for the attention to be focused on each important emotional moment without diversion. Finally, consider using low fog for your first dance. It adds a touch of magic, enhancing your guest experience and your photos.

A word of caution about choreographed dances: unless you're a professional dancer, it's better to learn a few natural moves from dance classes. These will look amazing, beautiful, and authentic during your first dance.


For the dinner, we suggest it be served before the speeches and definitely not during, at least for the first 30 minutes. This arrangement has several advantages. Firstly, it allows your guests to focus on the emotional speeches without distraction. Secondly, it's more visually appealing for the video recordings. Lastly, it gives your hard-working production team a much-needed break to refresh and refuel before they return to recording.

Grand Exit

The grand exit is a nice touch, but we strongly recommend doing a faux exit for two reasons. Firstly, your production team might not be able to stay until the very end. Secondly, if your party finishes late, the energy levels might not be as high as earlier in the night.

A faux exit right after the activities have concluded signifies the end of the formal part of the night and the beginning of a fun-filled night on the dance floor. This transition is also a great opportunity for the bride to slip into something more comfortable and less formal.

This attention to detail will help your reception stand out and be remembered fondly by everyone present.


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