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So Who's Behind the Lens? Understanding what Production Team is.

Revolutionizing Wedding Photography and How We Use a Film Production Approach in Wedding Photography and Cinematography.

Bride and groom on a yacht on a sunny afternoon.
Wedding on a yacht

"On the big day, everyone wants to know who will be capturing those priceless moments. In 90% of cases, you'll find just one lead photographer doing the marketing themselves, communicating with clients, editing, and in their free time, shooting your wedding. We don't agree with that concept. With a lifelong background working with large productions like Riverdance and Dancing with the Stars, and simply wanting to deliver a service that my wife and I desired for ourselves, we created a professional production team company for the wedding industry. The beauty in our photos isn't just down to the person behind the lens. It's a product of meticulous project management, a carefully curated environment, and a pre-planned script." - Aleks Fisher, CEO Lana & Aleks Photography.

The Process Behind the Scenes

Imagine your favorite movie for a second. Do you think the director operated the camera? Or perhaps the director of photography created the script? In reality, it's a collaboration. It's the team of camera operators who execute the director of photography's vision, who, in turn, follows the director and scriptwriters' storyline. Then it's over to the editors, who piece it all together. Our approach to your wedding photography is no different.

"Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior - did you choose specific designer, pattern makers or seamstresses? No, you choose the brand who did it for you and delivering absolutely amazing product."

The Challenges of a Solo Photographer

Hiring a single freelance photographer can sometimes lead to stress. What if they fall ill or have to move all of a sudden? With a team-based approach, these worries can be put to rest. The collaborative effort of a team ensures a consistent style that matches the portfolio presented, minimizing any surprises.


Speaking of consistency, it's not easy to achieve for a lone photographer. Our team-based approach means we can produce the same high-quality result each time, not only on our best days. So, what factors really shape your photos? Here's our list:

Time: Regardless of a photographer's skill, without enough time, results can suffer. That's where our project managers step in.

Script: Photos should narrate a story. We craft this narrative ahead of the wedding, allowing the photographer to capture it and adapt as needed.

Mood: Yes, we're all human. Life can sometimes get in the way of work. That's why we ensure our photographers are always in high spirits. How? They are only participating in the wedding shoot and nothing else.

Photographer: Talent is key, but our photographers aren't just skilled, they're part of the production team's vision.

Environment: A breathtaking scene can certainly elevate a photo.

Photographer as part of the Team

Without a doubt, the photographer plays an extremely vital role - their responsibility is crucial because without them, the rest wouldn't matter.

The main attribute of a wedding photographer on the beach.
Camera on the beach

Our photographers are AMAZING, not just because of their talent but also because they're part of a team that includes project management, structure, and editors. They're not up late editing photos or spending all their time on marketing and client communication.

We've got all that covered. Plus, we even have signature poses our photographers repeat for each couple, aside from the freestyle shots.


Finally, it's important to know that while about 90% of wedding photographers work as freelancers, about 10% are companies that are far from a production team. We stand out as part of the exclusive 0.1%, or perhaps the only one. We operate as a cohesive unit, like a movie production team.

Our structure is designed meticulously, with each role clearly defined. Our ultimate aim? To craft a cinematic masterpiece that beautifully narrates your love story. We're not just about capturing your wedding; we're about creating something timeless and profoundly personal. This commitment to quality, consistency, and client satisfaction makes us stand out in the sea of wedding photography services.


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