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Ready, Set, I Do: Five Tips for Your Wedding Preparations

Preparing for your wedding day can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Every detail contributes to the perfection of the event, from the dress and accessories to the location for your 'getting ready' photos.

Bride in elegant lace wedding gown gazing out a window, with her long veil flowing gracefully
Getting Ready

But how can you ensure that you're capturing every moment beautifully and making the most of your preparation time? In this article, we'll guide you through five essential tips for your wedding preparation, designed to make your special day run smoothly and guarantee you have stunning photos and videos to look back on.

Tip 1 - Collect Your Accessories

Begin by gathering all your wedding accessories in one place. Include your shoes, earrings, necklaces, and if you have them, multiple copies of your wedding invitations. Everything you plan to wear that you'd like photographed should be put in a plastic box. Hand this box to your production team as soon as they arrive to save time and ensure no important detail is overlooked.

Tip 2 - Wedding Preparation: Use a Mannequin

For brides with big, flashy, or long-train wedding dresses, we recommend using a mannequin instead of a hanger. This allows for more stunning pictures as we can fully showcase the train of the wedding dress. If a mannequin isn't available, opt for a nice, clean, preferably white hanger. For grooms, a high-quality hanger, such as a sleek brown one, works best.

"Getting ready is 30% of your wedding day story, don't underestimate it." – CEO of Lana & Aleks Photography

Tip 3 - Clear Area by the Window

The area around the window is prime real estate for photo shoots during the preparation phase, thanks to the natural light it provides. However, it often gets cluttered with bridesmaids' items, food, drinks, and other miscellaneous stuff. Make sure to clear this area before your production team arrives, as this is likely where the majority of your 'getting ready' shots will be taken.

Tip 4 - Prepare the Champagne

Add a dynamic element to your getting ready phase with a bottle of champagne. Pro-tip: Have two bottles on hand, just in case one pops early. And what's a champagne celebration without the right glassware? Don't forget to have enough champagne glasses for a sparkling shot that captures the fun and celebratory atmosphere.

Tip 5 - Choose a Good Getting Ready Location

The location for your wedding preparations is a crucial part of your wedding storytelling. Choose a place that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to ensure your 'getting ready' photos and videos are as captivating as the ones taken during the ceremony and reception.

These tips will help you make the most of your preparation time, ensuring every moment of your wedding day is beautifully captured and remembered!


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