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Sullivan and Andrew’s Whimsical Wedding at Wedgewood San Clemente

Summer is the season of warmth, and for Sullivan and Andrew, it was also the season of love. Their wedding in June took place at the renowned Wedgewood San Clemente, with its breathtaking views and pristine settings. But before we delve into the D-day itself, let’s start with their Engagement Art Session first.

Newlywed couple kissing passionately amidst floating bubbles during their outdoor wedding ceremony at Wedgewood San Clemente, surrounded by joyous guests.
San Clemente Shore by Wedgewood Weddings

Laguna Beach & Pirate Tower.

When one thinks of engagement photos, they often imagine posed shots with the couple looking deeply into each other's eyes. But that's not Sullivan and Andrew for you. This lively pair chose to do things a tad differently, mirroring their unique personalities, filled with warmth, humor, and a touch of silliness. Our journey commenced with an engagement shoot spread over two distinct locations. Firstly, Montage Beach, known for its serene settings, was the backdrop for their candid love moments. It is also one of our favorite locations for photo session. But to add an edge, we, knowing their penchant for unique locales, suggested the second location - the iconic Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach.

Every click captured a moment, a joke, a whisper – making the photos a true reflection of their bond. As we prepare to dive into their wedding story at the enchanting Wedgewood San Clemente, this engagement session set the tone. It reminded us that at the heart of every wedding, beyond the decor and the rituals, lies the story of two people, unique in their way, ready to start a journey together.

Take a look at this beautiful couple's Wedding Teaser:

The Whimsical Morning at The Volare, Ascend Hotel Collection

In the picturesque heart of San Clemente lies its precious gem, The Volare, Ascend Hotel Collection. This stunning location provided the perfect backdrop and became the chosen haven for the bride, groom, and their close ones to prepare for the day ahead. Reveling in their spontaneous and joyful spirits, we orchestrated a series of light-hearted events.

This included a playful and spirited pillow fight for the bridesmaids, filling the room with laughter and feathery chaos. Meanwhile, the groomsmen took part in a 'runaway' themed walk, showcasing their camaraderie and shared sense of humor.

However, one of the most memorable moments was the unexpected swap – where the bridesmaids teamed up with the groom, and the groomsmen planned a delightful surprise for the bride.

The pinnacle of these playful antics was when the bride was presented with a unique gift: customized socks imprinted with her very own face, a thoughtful and humorous gesture from the groomsmen. This lighthearted moment, filled with laughter and genuine surprise, remains etched in our memories as simply unforgettable.

The Touching First Interaction

In a world filled with traditional wedding practices, their decision to opt for a ‘first touch’ truly stood out, showcasing their desire to create unique and deeply personal moments. Instead of the customary first look, they chose an intimate setting where they could be physically close yet not see each other. Positioned around a corner, they tentatively reached out, their fingers intertwining in a heartfelt embrace. This simple yet powerful touch bridged the gap between anticipation and reassurance, creating an atmosphere thick with emotions. As they held onto each other, words flowed from their hearts, each reading out vows that were testament to their profound love and commitment. In that serene ambiance, Andrew's voice began to resonate, bringing forth the melodious strains of "Grow Old With You" by Anthem Lights. With every note, he serenaded his bride-to-be, conveying promises and dreams that went beyond mere words.

Capturing this poignant serenade was essential for us, and we took great care to seamlessly weave it into their wedding video. This was done with the aim to eternalize a moment that not only tugged at the heartstrings but also symbolized the depth and authenticity of their love.

Under The San Clemente Sky

Set amidst the picturesque rolling hills of San Clemente, their ceremony unfolded, offering an immersive experience that blended love, nature, and architectural beauty. Wedgewood San Clemente, renowned for its scenic vistas, served as more than just a venue; it became an integral part of their love story. As they exchanged vows, the ambiance was further elevated by the panoramic views of the coastline stretching out into the horizon, providing a breathtaking backdrop. The Spanish-influenced architecture, with its intricate details and romantic allure, complemented their commitment, adding a touch of historic elegance to the modern love story.

Radiant newlywed couple embracing under a wooden pergola adorned with flowers. The groom, in a sharp gray suit, beams with joy, while the bride, in a delicate tulle wedding dress, clutches a bouquet of lush pink peonies and white roses. Their genuine smiles and close bond are evident as they stand amidst a serene garden setting, capturing the bliss of their wedding day
Just Married!

As they sealed their promises, the sky was awash with bubbles, encapsulating the joyous and effervescent spirit of the day. These bubbles, floating and shimmering in the sun, mirrored the couple's buoyant emotions and the sheer elation that permeated the air, creating a perfect ending to a chapter set in this coastal paradise.

Personalized Touches All Day Long at Wedgewood San Clemente

Through our lens, we saw a couple unafraid to infuse their essence into everything. Their grand entrance was no different. With sunglasses on and swaying to a peppy song, they set the reception stage on fire. And who can forget the ‘shoe-change’ moment? A candid capture of their personalities, as Sullivan switched to comfy sneakers that had ‘Just Married’ scribbled playfully underneath. What stood out for us was how this wasn’t just another assignment. We listened, observed, and creatively integrated their personalities into every frame. The first touch, the shoe change, the fun engagements with their wedding party - each was a testament to our commitment to making their day as personal as possible.

Enchanted couple sharing a passionate dance amidst a twinkling night. Behind them, large illuminated letters spell out 'MARRY ME', casting a soft glow on the paved terrace. The groom, in a crisp white shirt, gracefully dips the bride, who is radiant in a flowy, beaded wedding gown. The backdrop is adorned with vibrant blooms and the silhouette of a towering tree, encapsulating a magical proposal moment
Wedgewood San Clemente

It was fun, quirky, and oh-so-them! As the sun set, casting a golden hue over the picturesque location, it wasn't just about capturing, but also subtly orchestrating moments that truly reflected Sullivan and Andrew's vivacious spirit.

Take a look at this beautiful couple's Wedding Highlight Movie:


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