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Rebecca & Kenneth: Traditional Wedding at Metropol Event Venue and Langham Huntington

Rebecca and Kenneth's wedding was a beautiful celebration that seamlessly blended traditional elements with a modern aesthetic, set against the backdrop of two of California's most exquisite venues: Metropol Event Venue and Langham Huntington. Their special day was marked by a deep maroon theme, symbolizing the richness of their love and the depth of their commitment to each other. Through the art of wedding photography and videography, each moment of this traditional wedding was captured in stunning detail, creating a timeless record of a day filled with love, laughter, and elegance.

The groom's first look at the bride on an antique staircase.
First look

Groom's Preparation

Kenneth's day began in the luxurious confines of Langham Huntington, where he and his groomsmen gathered to prepare for the momentous occasion. Dressed in classic black tuxedos accented with maroon ties and boutonnieres, the group shared in the anticipation and excitement of the day ahead. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and reflection, as Kenneth stepped into his role not just as a groom but as a partner for life. The morning's preparations, filled with light-hearted jokes and thoughtful conversations, were meticulously documented, capturing the essence of the moments before Kenneth embarked on his new journey with Rebecca.

Bride's Preparation

Rebecca's preparation took place in a sunlit suite at Metropol Event Venue, surrounded by her closest friends and family. Her bridal gown, a stunning creation of lace and delicate fabric, was complemented by maroon accents that tied her look to the wedding's overarching theme. The air was filled with an electric sense of joy and anticipation as Rebecca transformed into a bride. Every detail, from the careful application of makeup to the final adjustments of her dress, was captured in photographs and videos, preserving the intimate and joyous moments leading up to the ceremony.


The ceremony was held at the Metropol Event Venue, a location chosen for its elegance and ability to capture the grandeur of a traditional wedding. Guests were greeted by decorations that beautifully incorporated the maroon theme, from the floral arrangements to the drapery, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. As Rebecca and Kenneth exchanged vows, their love and commitment to each other were palpable, each word and gesture underscored by the significance of the occasion. The ceremony, with its blend of traditional rituals and personal vows, was a heartfelt expression of their journey together, beautifully immortalized through the lenses of photographers and videographers.

Wedding Venue Description

The celebration began at Metropol Event Venue, known for its opulent ballrooms and sophisticated decor, which provided a stunning setting for the ceremony. The venue's grandeur and attention to detail made it the perfect place to bring Rebecca and Kenneth's vision to life. The reception then moved to the iconic Langham Huntington, a venue synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance. The Langham's lush gardens and exquisite architecture offered a picturesque backdrop for the evening's festivities, where guests danced and celebrated under the stars. Both venues, with their unique charms, were captured in vivid detail, showcasing the beauty and elegance of the settings that played host to Rebecca and Kenneth's unforgettable day.

In conclusion, Rebecca and Kenneth's wedding was a beautiful fusion of tradition, elegance, and personal style, set against the backdrop of two of California's most prestigious venues. Their maroon-themed celebration was a testament to their love and the journey they embarked on together. Through the artful capture of wedding photography and videography, every moment of their special day was preserved, offering a timeless reminder of the joy, beauty, and elegance that defined their wedding.


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