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Three Most needed prints for Wedding

There are countless printing options available for wedding photos, but the quality of the prints can often be underrated. Superior quality paper and high-quality prints not only give you a stunning image but also last much longer, reducing fading over time. Poor quality prints can disappoint right from the start with blacks appearing gray, and reds never quite achieving their full vibrancy.

Album. open page and its beautiful wedding reception , bride and groom dance first dance
Our Handmade Wedding Album

Another factor that affects the quality of prints is the craftsmanship involved in creating albums. These can be machine-made or hand-crafted, each with its own distinct approach to production. As you may guess, handmade products offer significantly higher quality, and the technology behind their creation can be truly impressive.

From our experience, we recommend three specific types of prints:

Before The Wedding: Guest Frame

Most needed print for Wedding will be 24 x 36 print not only adds a personal touch to your reception but also later becomes a cherished memento in your home. It serves as a constant reminder of your wedding day and your shared memories. It's functionality and sentimentality combined, providing exceptional value. So, opt for this beautiful keepsake that stands the test of time.

After Engagement: Reveal Box

This is a unique product offered by our partners at GraphiStudio in Italy. They are renowned worldwide for their superior quality print lab, and all their products are handcrafted. This reveal box is a fantastic and innovative way to display your engagement photos. What makes it stand out is its dynamic nature - you can easily switch the photos, allowing you to relish a different memory each time you look at it. It's a living picture frame that continuously refreshes your beautiful moments.

Most needed print After The Wedding: Album

While wall art and reveal boxes offer the advantage of being readily visible, the beauty of a wedding album lies in its storytelling capacity. You can weave your whole story through a series of photos, curated and arranged in a perfect sequence. We believe that wedding albums should exude luxury, given their infrequent use compared to wall art. Each time you open your album, it should amaze you anew.


These printing options not only encapsulate the emotions and moments of your big day, but they also serve as timeless reminders that you can cherish forever. They become much more than just images on a page or a screen. They transform into tangible memories, pieces of your personal history that you can hold, share, and display. Each time you glance at a print, whether it's showcased in your reveal box or hung on your wall, you'll be instantly transported back to those precious moments of your life. This tangible connection to your past is invaluable, making these prints not just photographs, but heirlooms to be treasured for generations.


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