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Laura & Rudy's "Alice in Wonderland" Themed Wedding

Laura and Rudy's wedding at COCO PALM in Pomona was a captivating journey into the whimsical world of "Alice in Wonderland" . We invite you to plunge into this fairy tale, where the boundaries of fantasy and reality blur.

Photo session of the bride and groom on the walk after the wedding.
Bride and groom on a walk

Laura and Rudy's Engagement

From their first accidental meeting at a local coffee shop to the countless dates that followed, Laura and Rudy's journey was a tapestry woven with shared laughs, dreams, and an undeniable connection. Each moment they spent together only deepened their bond, painting a clear picture that they were meant to be.

The day of the proposal, Rudy had meticulously planned every detail. Under the guise of a casual day out, he led Laura to their favorite spot in the city — a quaint, secluded park that had witnessed the growth of their relationship. As they walked hand in hand, surrounded by the lush greenery and the soft sounds of the city, Rudy's heart raced with anticipation.

The engagement ring, a beautiful blend of elegance and simplicity, perfectly encapsulated Laura's style. As the sunlight caught the facets of the diamond, it mirrored the sparkle in Laura and Rudy's eyes - a sparkle that spoke of a future filled with love, adventures, and a lifetime of happiness together.

The Bride's Gathering

On this magical day, as the sun spilled its golden rays through the windows, our bride, Laura, embarked on her journey into a wonderland reminiscent of the whimsical world of Alice. The air was tinged with excitement and a touch of the fantastical, setting the stage for an extraordinary wedding day.

Laura's accessories were carefully chosen to complement her Alice in Wonderland theme. Her shoes, reminiscent of the White Rabbit's elegance, were both chic and whimsical. A custom-designed headpiece, resembling a miniature crown, added a regal touch, while her jewelry sparkled like the Cheshire Cat's mischievous grin. Even her bouquet was a nod to the theme, with an eclectic mix of flowers that seemed as though picked from the Queen of Hearts' own garden.

Groom's party

As the dawn of the wedding day broke, the groom, Rudy, began his journey into a realm of wonder and whimsy. His preparation for the Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was not just about dressing up but stepping into a role in a fantastical tale of love and adventure.

Groom in white wedding suit on a green lawn surrounded by his friends in blue wedding suits.
Groom and his friends

First look

The "first look" is a modern wedding tradition that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves a private moment before the wedding ceremony where the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. This tradition is a departure from the more conventional practice of the couple not seeing each other until the bride walks down the aisle.

The groom's first look at the bride in her wedding dress.
First look

Wedding ceremony

In the heart of sunny California, Amelia and Ethan chose the stunning COCO PALM as the backdrop for their wedding, inspired by the whimsical world of "Alice in Wonderland".

Known for its breathtaking views and luxurious atmosphere, it was the canvas for a wedding that was as enchanting as it was unforgettable.

The ceremony area was a dreamy setting with a whimsical twist. Oversized flowers, whimsical props like giant teacups, and colorful banners set the stage. As Laura walked down the aisle, the setting felt like a page out of Alice's adventures, with Rudy waiting at an altar that seemed to belong to the Queen of Hearts’ court.

Attention to Detail: Bringing Fantasy to Life

The attention to detail in Laura and Rudy's wedding was impeccable. From whimsically set tables to playful nods to the classic fairy tale in the decor, every element contributed to the playful yet sophisticated theme. The couple's vision of combining imagination with the elegance of COCO PALM was realized beautifully, creating a magnificent reality that embodied the essence of their unique theme.

Every magical moment was captured by photographers, who navigated the wonderland with a keen eye, ensuring that Laura and Rudy's special day was immortalized in a style as unique as their theme.

COCO PALM: The Perfect Backdrop for Whimsy

One of Pomona's finest wedding venues, provided the ideal setting for Laura and Rudy's themed wedding. The venue's lush nature and elegant interiors created a backdrop that perfectly complemented the "Alice in Wonderland" theme. From the moment guests arrived, they were transported into a dreamlike world where the classic fairy tale came to life, with COCO PALM transforming into a Wonderland filled with magic and charm.

In conclusion, Laura and Rudy's Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and reality, where every detail was carefully crafted to create a whimsical and enchanting celebration.

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