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Jessica & Hughie's Jewish Wedding in Pasadena

At the timelessly elegant The Langham Huntington, Pasadena, Jessica and Hughie celebrated their love with a beautiful Jewish wedding that blended ancient traditions and modern luxury. Their special day, captured in exquisite detail through wedding photography and videography, continued at Maxwell House and was not just the union of two hearts, but a joyous celebration of Jewish culture and heritage against the backdrop of one of Pasadena's most iconic locations.

It's the first time the groom sees the dressed bride on the bridge.
First look

Introduction to Love

Jessica and Hughie's story is one of serendipitous meetings and shared dreams. From their first encounter, which sparked a connection that was undeniable, to the journey that led them to the altar, their love story was as enchanting as the settings they chose to celebrate it. Langham Huntington and Maxwell House, with its grandeur and beauty, was the perfect stage for their wedding - a day filled with love, laughter and heartfelt moments.

The Engagement: A Promise Sealed

Their engagement was a chapter straight out of a fairy tale. Hughie's proposal, set against the backdrop of a stunning sunset, was a moment of pure romance, marked by tears of joy and a resounding 'yes' from Jessica. Their engagement period was a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation, culminating in a meticulously planned wedding that beautifully reflected their personalities and cultural backgrounds.

Groom's Preparation: A Nod to Heritage

Hughie's preparation for the wedding was a blend of contemporary style and homage to his Jewish heritage. Surrounded by his best men, the morning was filled with a sense of camaraderie and reflection. As he donned his elegant suit, complemented by a traditional kippah and tallit, the significance of the day was palpable. The laughter and light-hearted jokes amongst the groomsmen, interspersed with moments of contemplative silence, were captured in stunning visual narratives, showcasing the depth and joy of Hughie's journey to the chuppah.

Bride's Preparation: Radiant and Reflective

Jessica's bridal preparation was a serene and joyous affair. In the luxurious bridal suite of The Langham Huntington, she was a picture of elegance and excitement. Her wedding dress, an exquisite creation combining classic beauty with modern sophistication, hung gracefully, waiting to adorn her. As her bridesmaids and family members surrounded her with love and support, each touch of makeup and hair styling brought Jessica closer to her dream. The room, filled with laughter and occasional tears, echoed with stories and shared memories, beautifully captured by the photographers and videographers, preserving these precious moments forever.

The First Look: An Intimate Revelation

The first look was a beautifully orchestrated, intimate moment between Jessica and Hughie. Set in the manicured gardens of The Langham Huntington, this moment was one of pure emotion and connection. As Hughie turned to see Jessica in her bridal splendor, the joy and love in their eyes were palpable. This private moment, away from the eyes of the guests, allowed them to take in each other’s presence, setting the tone for the heartfelt day ahead.

The Ceremony: A Beautiful Blend of Traditions

The ceremony was a heartfelt display of Jewish customs and traditions. Held under a beautifully decorated chuppah, symbolizing the home they would build together, Jessica and Hughie exchanged vows in the presence of their loved ones. The traditional breaking of the glass, signifying both the fragility and strength of love, marked the conclusion of the ceremony, followed by joyous shouts of "Mazel Tov!" from the guests. The ceremony was not just an exchange of vows but a celebration of Jewish culture, steeped in symbolism and shared heritage.

Beautiful wedding table decorations in pastel colors.
Wedding table

Traditions Interwoven with Love

Jessica and Hughie's wedding beautifully encapsulated various Jewish traditions, each adding depth and meaning to their celebration. From the Ketubah signing, where they inscribed their commitment to each other, to the Yichud, a moment of seclusion post-ceremony allowing them to reflect on their new bond, each tradition was honored with reverence and joy. The Horah dance, a jubilant and energetic display, saw guests lifting the couple on chairs, encapsulating the communal spirit and happiness of the day. These moments, rich in cultural significance, were elegantly captured, showcasing the unique blend of ancient customs and personal touches that defined their wedding.

Wedding venues: The Langham Huntington and Maxwell House - a combination of intimacy and splendor

Choosing The Langham Huntington as their first wedding venue spoke to Jessica and Huey's preference for classic elegance and understated luxury. The hotel's stunning architecture, combined with lush gardens and panoramic views, created a breathtaking backdrop for their celebration. The grand ballroom, adorned with exquisite décor that complemented the Jewish elements, exuded a sense of timeless sophistication. Maxwell House, combining historic charm and modern amenities, became not just a backdrop but an integral part of their wedding story, creating a setting that was both grand and intimate.

Overall, Jessica and Hughie's Jewish wedding at The Langham Huntington and Maxwell House was a harmonious blend of tradition, elegance and personal expression. Every detail, from the morning preparations to the joyous celebration, was infused with the essence of their love and heritage. Captured through the art of photography and videography, their wedding was not just an event, but a timeless story of love, culture and the beginning of a life journey together.

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