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How to choose the best pose for the photoshoot?

The art of posing is one of the most important aspects in the field of photography. This skill seems too complex for the majority of people. Many of you are sure that only models are able to gain it. At the same time, you can reach astonishing results by making some efforts and planning everything in advance!

The basics of proper posing

Back and neck

These days, people are always running to be on time. We have no time to think about many moments in our lives, which cause no real problems or discomfort. In particular, we pay almost no attention to the position of our shoulders and the posture in general. It’s really hard to keep your back straight and shoulders wide in the conditions of real-life because we are simply not used to make it.

The position of the back and the shoulders is one of the most important things in the art of posing. The proper posture is one of the key elements of an astonishing photo, and you need to control it all the time. In other words, your shoulders have to be straight, while your waistline has to be curved, thus reminding the emoji :)

Position of legs

Forget about keeping your legs in the parallel position, while trying to distribute your weight. Leave it for the physical education classes. In case of the photo shooting , you need to bend one of the legs, or even cross them, except cases when your idea requires an official posture.

At the same time, you need to move all the weight to the farthest leg from the camera. By doing so, you will be able to make your body look fit and exquisite.

Position of arms

During the first minutes of the photo shooting , many customers are always asking us about the proper position of arms. In fact, the position of arms becomes one of the hardest tasks during the session. One shall keep arms straight only if this is the idea of the shooting. Otherwise, you need to leave a bit of space between your arms and your waist to show attractive curves of your body. As a result, you will be able to look more attractive and exquisite.


Whenever your lips are closed, your face becomes serious and patient. Try to breathe a bit in order to make the overall emotion lighter. This little secret allows making an astonishing portrait.


While looking at the photo, one can be sure that the position of the face and the gaze create the entire mood of the picture. By looking from under the brows, you can create a moody and sad atmosphere. Close your eyes a bit and look down to show your moderate approach. Look directly into the camera to express self- confidence and open approach. Look from above to create an imperious look. Never forget about your gaze during the photoshoot session in order to create the desired mood.


The position of your chin is another important moment that has to be taken into account during the photoshoot session. It’s highly recommended to move it a bit down for portraits, and up – in all other cases.

Hair and neck

Such an irrelevant thing as the location of your long hair can change the mood of the entire photo. You need to open your neck to make the picture more exquisite and elegant.

Body position

Do you agree that standing still can be appropriate only for the official photo for the passport? In order to make an attractive portrait, you need to avoid following the straight line. Even by rotating your body to the right and to the left, you can make the photo interesting and attractive.

We wish you an amazing photoshoot session!


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