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You can participate in our special offers and stand a chance to win a FREE Wedding Photography!

Every so often in life, we come across opportunities that are too good to let pass by. If you’re planning your wedding, this could be one of those moments. Several times a year, at Lana & Aleks Photography, we unveil exciting promotions designed to reward our cherished clients. But these are no ordinary promotions. Those who book our services during these special times are gifted a unique CODE, a key that unlocks the door to our extraordinary annual Christmas raffle, an event that fills the festive season with an added layer of anticipation and joy.

Wedding Christmas Raffle
Wedding Christmas Raffle

Wedding for Free!

The thrill of this raffle isn’t just in the opportunity to win, but in the celebration of it all. Between December 1st and December 20th, we hold live streams where we draw these codes and announce the lucky individuals who will receive an array of amazing prizes for their upcoming weddings. Imagine the excitement of hearing your name announced, of knowing that your wedding next year will include something extra special, something won. At the heart of our prize list is a gift that transforms our raffle from exciting to truly life-changing. We offer FREE wedding services as our top prize! This isn’t just a discount, it's an entire wedding service, gifted to you, free of charge! But it gets even better! We're not just offering one wedding service for free; we're offering three! We randomly select not one, but THREE weddings to gift our services to. These services include: Photography Only - Free of charge

Cinematography Only - Free of charge

Photography & Cinematography - Free of charge

The anticipation builds as you hold your breath, hoping that you'll be the one to pull out that winning ticket. And why not? It could very well be you!

Luxury Gifts

Beyond our star prize, we have an assortment of other offerings in our festive cornucopia. If you haven't yet had an engagement photo session, we've got you covered. If you've already had one or it's too close to your wedding day, we offer a generous $500 discount instead! This opportunity isn't reserved for just one lucky couple, but three!

We also truly believe that a guest frame is a treasure to behold. Imagine a grand 24x36 print on 2mm styrene, professionally retouched and fitting perfectly in any frame. If you didn't have your engagement session with us for the guest frame, no worries – we will retouch and print your 24x36 wall art after the wedding. This unique opportunity is available for three lucky winners.

We also bring premium products to the table. From the renowned Graphistudio lab, directly from Italy, we offer the highest quality print product for your engagement photos or an additional keepsake from your wedding alongside your album - the Reveal Box! We have three of these coveted Reveal Boxes up for grabs.

And there’s more! We will raffle off three beautifully retouched 16x20 prints, perfect to adorn your home or office. Additionally, we have three $100 vouchers for any print with us.

The essence of our annual Christmas raffle is more than the joy of winning. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Whether we're gifting you wedding services or you're investing in us, you're guaranteed to receive services of absolutely equal quality. The integrity of our work and your satisfaction are non-negotiable.

So, we invite you to stay tuned to our offers on Instagram and Threads. Don’t let this chance slip by. Lana & Aleks Photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s about creating opportunities for joy. We look forward to seeing you participate in our raffle and, who knows, you might just be the lucky one to win. After all, magic happens when you least expect it.

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