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Eternal Elegance: A Wedding at Newhall Mansion - Elizabeth & David's Day to Remember.

The historic Newhall Mansion in Piru, Los Angeles, California, has long been a storied sanctuary for couples to exchange their vows, and Elizabeth and David's wedding was a beautiful chapter added to its legacy. On a day where every detail was a brushstroke of elegance, their wedding photographer and videographer captured the essence of the mansion's contrasting ambiences—from the bride's radiant, light-filled preparation chamber to the groom's richly textured, winery-like enclave.

Bride in a flowing white dress with a slit, holding a bouquet, standing with groom in a sharp tuxedo on the staircase of a historic mansion
Newhall Mansion

The Newhall Mansion: A Victorian Masterpiece in Los Angeles.

Within the heart of Piru, the Newhall Mansion stands not just as a stunning venue but as a living piece of Los Angeles history. Crafted in the Victorian Queen Anne style, this cherished California landmark has celebrated countless unions, with its famed staircase shots and forest-framed backdrops sought after by wedding photographers and couples alike. On Elizabeth and David's sunlit wedding day, every corner of the mansion echoed with a story, and each story was captured through the lenses of our wedding photographer and videographer.

A Tale of Light and Shadow:

High above the mansion's grounds, Elizabeth basked in a flood of natural light, her bridal suite a canvas of brightness and beauty. In contrast, David’s morning unfolded in the mansion’s lower quarters, reminiscent of an age-old winery with its ambient, orange brickwork and low-key lighting—a visual feast for any wedding photographer in Los Angeles.

The Ceremony: A Sunlit Spectacle: The grandeur of Newhall Mansion was mirrored in the exquisite choice of Elizabeth's wedding attire. Her dress, an enchanting slit wedding dress, was a breathtaking blend of boldness and classic beauty. As she made her way through the lush grounds of the estate, the dress's unique style added a sense of drama and modernity to the timeless setting. The high slit allowed her to navigate the mansion's expanse with both ease and grace, offering glimpses of a bride who was not only celebrating her wedding day but also her personal style.

As guests stepped into the embrace of the outdoors, they were greeted by an array of greens, where sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a serene glow over the ceremony. The mansion's grounds, a verdant oasis, offered an idyllic stage where Elizabeth and David exchanged vows under the endless California sky—a moment of pure, unadulterated beauty.

A Forest Fantasy and the Iconic Staircase:

Following their vows, the couple wandered into the mystical woods surrounding the estate, their love story enveloped by the natural splendor of green canopies. It was in these whispered woods they shared tender moments, now immortalized in stunning photographs. Yet, it was the Newhall Mansion's iconic tower staircase where time stood still—a location known for its enchanting photo opportunities, capturing the essence of the estate’s romantic soul.

The Reception: An Ode to Green and White.

As the day gave way to the soft glow of dusk, the reception unfolded beneath the sky's amber hues. Tables adorned with white roses and greenery mirrored the day's color palette, a homage to the natural elegance surrounding them. The reception, set against the mansion’s timeless backdrop, was a celebration not just of bride and groom love, but of life’s beautiful simplicities amplified by the mansion’s historic charm. In the tranquility of Piru's night, their wedding transitioned from a live canvas of joy to a cherished memory, forever captured in stunning imagery, ready to be revisited and relived in the years to come.

"Thank you Lana & Aleks Photography! Pure Perfection... It made me fall in love with my husband all over again. It was tear jerking perfection!" - Elizabeth

An elegantly set outdoor wedding reception area with white draped tables adorned with green and white floral centerpieces. Crystal clear glasses and silver-rimmed plates are neatly arranged on the tables. The scene is framed by lush green plants and white roses, with a decorative wooden structure visible in the background.
Wedding Reception

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