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How to choose the most appropriate look for the photoshoot?

It’s worth noting that a proper choice of clothes is the foundation of an astonishing portrait. I will share one of the biggest secrets in the world of photography. Your clothing is not the most important thing during the photo shooting, but it has to serve as an amazing background, a virtual frame and one of the key supporting elements of your look and appearance; however, it can’t be the main element of it! Our task is not to show all the benefits of the dress because we are not going to make a commercial shooting. Thinking that you need to make a couple of new photos just because you bought an amazing dress is totally wrong! So, what it the right way to choose clothes and looks for a perfect photoshoot?


First of all, you need to understand the overall concept and style of your photoshoot and choose the most appropriate style to work in front of the camera. After that you can easily start choosing clothes, as well as your haircut and makeup. In order to make a photo shooting in a business style, you can choose one of your office suits together with a neat haircut, as well as corresponding background and decoration.

Your photo will look strange and clumsy if you are not able to avoid discrepancies between your clothes and accessories on a single photo. Just try to imagine men and women in business attire standing in a comfortable home or right next to a couch or even a fireplace.

Colors and shades

It’s highly recommended to choose clothes in one color gamma. Kindly note, that a bright pattern with big elements won’t look as astonishing as in real life, while only creating additional visual noise. In addition, you need to avoid all kinds of prints and patterns on your clothes! If you want people to look at you and not to read captions on your clothes, you need to avoid using giant captions and pictures on your clothes. Exceptions can be made only in case of the fashionable photo shooting , where such elements support the overall style of the event.

The upper part of your look (a dress, a shirt, a t-shirt or a sweater) has to be chosen in the color range that fits your look. At the same time, you need to avoid have more than 3 different colors in one look. Try to combine different shades of the same color. Bright and bold colors are great only for children and teenagers. Please note that the red color will attract the attention of the viewer. This is a very important factor that has to be taken into account while making group photos and portraits. Light clothing in neutral colors made from cotton and linen is the best option to create a huge variety of looks and appearances, while the texture of the fabric supports your style and creates perfect mood. This option is one of the best for a family photo shooting or session with kids.

White clothes are always astonishing and allow creating light and exquisite romantic looks.

Pregnant women and future mothers have to choose clothes made from natural materials and offering patient pastel colors and shades. The same goes for the photo shooting of newborn babies. In addition, you need to check if all the chosen colors of clothes, accessories, and background correspond with each other and create a pleasant atmosphere for the photoshoot. In order to avoid painful mistakes, try to use a color wheel that can be easily found on the web.

Clothes for the photoshoot session

You need to make sure that the chosen garment creates a complete look and appearance. In other words, there has to be a harmony between the elements, while all of them have to highlight the best features of your body and shapes. The clothes have to be comfortable. You need to avoid choosing skinny and loose models. That’s why you have to avoid wearing a dress or a pair of jeans, which creates additional discomfort.

If you are not able to find an appropriate look for the photoshoot, it’s time to please yourself and buy something new. New clothes can be bought or even rented in one of the companies, which offer ready-to-wear looks for celebrations and photo shooting sessions.

Shoes for the photoshoot session

Another important thing is the appearance of your shoes. It can be a bright color accent or a neutral part of your look. Before participating in the photoshoot, you need to find several pairs of shoes in different colors and styles. The key factor is to create harmony with the clothes and the chosen look.

High heels are the best option for women, who want to make a photoshoot in the business or the erotic style. In case if you want to show your physical shape, it’s better to choose sneakers or running shoes, while a domestic goddess will look astonishing in her fluffy slippers. In addition, many ideas can be implemented without any shoes; however, it’s highly recommended to take a pair of changeshoes for the photoshoot.


We all know that one has to choose the most comfortable clothing for the photoshoot.

The chosen looks shall not only be liked by their owners but create interest and highlight the best parts of their appearance. The clothing has to be clean and perfectly ironed (if needed). We are talking not only about fancy and stylish options but about astonishing evening dress too.

Makeup and haircut

In the majority of cases the chosen haircut and makeup options won’t look as bright on photos as in real life. You need to take this into account in order to prepare for the photo shooting and avoid mistakes. The key factor is not to cross the invisible line when the makeup turns into something terrible, and your haircut transforms into a massive construction fixed with the hairspray.

The makeup and the haircut have to highlight the best features of your look while showing the best traits of your appearance.


Many accessories, which look useless and irrelevant, can totally change the perception of the photos. Such elements as an elegant hat, an exquisite bag, a couple of stylish gloves or glamorous glasses, as well as an umbrella, a hand fan, a tie, a scarf and a couple of stylish accessories, will perfectly add and support the chosen look and style.

Don’t be afraid of experiments, and you will be able to find the most appropriate accessories in an easy manner. You can take a photo album with old photos, an ancient mirror, an astonishing jewelry box, as well as plush toys. In case if the photoshoot takes place in the street, you can use real flowers, and sports equipment (balls, tennis racquets and so on).

For a winter photoshoot session, you can easily use any objects related to the celebration of the New Year, as well as warm clothes. Don’t forget to use plush toys, big balls and colorful balloons for a photo shooting with your children. By using a wide range of accessories, you are able to create the required atmosphere and harmony of the look. You are the one to choose them because there are no real rules and limits. Take everything you consider appropriate with you: hats, glasses, jewelry, bracelets, brooches and many other colorful elements on different shapes. Your photographer will definitely help you to choose the most appropriate of them.

I have to remind you that the color is one of the key elements of each photo, thus you need to use a very serious approach to the process of clothes choosing; however, you need to avoid being distracted with the choice of clothing because you are the key elements of the photoshoot and not your clothes. The most important thing is to keep the style and stay within the chosen idea.

Group photos and portraits

All the members of the family have to wear clothes in the same style and colors, while different elements of the chosen looks have to correspond with each other. The most important thing is to keep the overall style and harmony without thinking too much about the details of each participant of the photoshoot. You can easily create a stylish photo of your family when each of the family members has an element in a specific color.

If parents want to make a photoshoot in nature together with their children in jeans and t-shirts, women have to avoid high heels and bright dresses. At the same time, you need to prepare appropriate looks for your children if you want to have a photoshoot session in luxurious atmosphere.

You need to know the location of the future photoshoot session in order to choose an appropriate look; otherwise you won’t be able to become an integral part of the photo. Where are you going to have the photoshoot? Is it going to be a studio, an open space (park, forest or city), or an interior? Each answer creates different conditions for the photo shooting process.

If there’s no chance to change your look in the chosen location, it’s better to choose clothes of the same colors and take a couple of bright accessories with you. They will help to add more life to the photoshoot and show your individuality. If the photo shooting takes place in autumn or winter, try to find a couple of scarves and kerchiefs. The key task is to create a look that corresponds with the chosen location without using the same color as the background and other elements.

If you plan to have a photoshoot in the studio and one of our experts will work on your look, you can still take a couple of the most favorite things from home. Those can be accessories, as well as clothes.

Suit or dress coat

It's worth noting that classic clothing always looks perfect. A jacket, a pair of classic pants, expensive watches and business attire are the key elements of the perfect look.

In some cases, you can have some fun at the end of the photoshoot session, by removing the jacket, or using a swimsuit right under the official attire. At the same time, you can combine a business top with swimming shorts. Everything depends

on you and your creativity. Talk with the photographer and tell them that you want to start with the business style and move somewhere else.

Girls can easily use shirts of their boyfriends in order to create funny and stylish looks. In addition, you can wear a tie, or just throw it on your neck. A hat and a pair of high heels will highlight your self-confidence and independence.

Evening dress

This is one of the best options in my opinion. Ladies can use a dress as for the studio as well as for nature. You can easily make several astonishing photos in a vibrant street surrounded by people in regular clothes, while you are standing in an amazing evening dress right in the middle of them and holding a glass of wine or cherry juice. It’s hard to see the difference, and the viewer won’t even thinkabout it.

By using the right choice of counter lights, you can create a required atmosphere. At the same time, the photographer is able to create a bright and incredibly light look for the lady


Let’s make the most important conclusions:

- Try to avoid using dark shades and colors because they are boring and sad

- The natural light is your best friend that will always improve the quality of the photo

- Never use the polo-neck because it hides everything

- Try to avoid using your daily wardrobe because you need to make art, while it’s too hard to make it in your old jeans or a nightrobe

- If you want to follow the key rules of photography, never use more than three different colors in your clothes. It can be done only in case of a thematic photoshoot session

- If you have a perfect body, try to avoid using baggy and loose clothes

- The down-padded coat is out of trends because you will look like a giant ball with legs

- You have to choose the same and corresponding styles for the photos with your friend or colleagues

I recommend following all these tips and recommendations. They were created not to make the process of photo shooting even more complex, but to attract attention to you and your personality while making you even more attractive than in real life.


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