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Ceremony and Cocktail Hour: Tips for Perfect Photos & Unforgettable Moments

Embarking on the journey of love, the wedding day is a significant milestone filled with poignant moments and joyous celebrations. The ceremony, with its profound emotions, and the cocktail hour, marked by laughter and conviviality, play pivotal roles in this narrative. Here, we'll share some insider tips to make these elements of your wedding even more memorable.

Firstly, when the ceremony concludes with the pronouncement of the couple as 'husband and wife', request your officiant to have everyone stand. This visual of guests standing in honor of your union creates a vibrant atmosphere. Encourage your guests to cheer and shake white ribbons to add an energetic and fun element. If your venue permits, you could also consider throwing confetti or rose petals. If that's not allowed, bubbles could be an alternative. However, ensure that they are not too overwhelming.

Brides, please note that it's the duty of the maid of honor to hand back your bouquet before you walk out. This tradition is not only beautiful but also important for capturing great photos of your exit. When you walk out, be active and natural. Raise your bouquet, laugh, and look around.

For an outdoor ceremony, the sun's position is an important consideration. Ensuring the sunlight doesn't cause discomfort to the couple or the guests can greatly enhance the overall experience. The right light can also contribute to stunning photos and videos.

During the cocktail hour, it's usually when family photos are taken. As it can be challenging to predict how long each session will take, plan for 20-30 minutes. Consider creating an ABC list of family members and friends for photos.

As for the photo session, consider the creation of an ABC list:

The 'A' list should include critically important people like parents and close relatives. These photos are a must and are a top priority, irrespective of time constraints.

The 'B' list should include people who are important but If you're running behind schedule, these photos can be skipped.

The 'C' list could contain individuals you'd like to have photos with, but these are optional and dependent on time availability.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy your day. The photos are there to capture the joy and the love, so focus on creating those beautiful memories.


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