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Teaser for Nikki & Sean

And again, Jonathan Club is on our charts — an amazing place with an absolutely stunning bride and groom. It's a royal wedding; definitely take a look at their highlight movie! As you can see, we believe that the best wedding venue in downtown Los Angeles is the Jonathan Club!

Highlight for Sullivan & Andrew 

This highlight touched our hearts so deeply. It's an intimate wedding at San Clemente Wedgewood Weddings, so genuine and brimming with personality! From the groom singing during the 'first touch' to the beautiful and heartfelt bride, all of these elements created an unforgettable vibe for that day at San Clemente. You can find their Teaser here!

Wedding Film for Negeen & Kareem

This wedding film holds a special meaning for us because during COVID, we took care of this amazing couple's wedding in their backyard, and a year later, at the stunning Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. It also showcases our unique approach to editing the beginning of wedding films if you prefer it over the classic method of recording toasts at the reception. If this Persian wedding film is too long for you, definitely check out the highlight here instead.

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